Visit Erin's first photography show, as she shares her adventures in the slot canyons of Utah and Arizona. 

This show will include her perspective of the canyons as she faced her fears of small spaces and explored the amazing creations of nature.


Erin Bisanti was born in Florida and is a veteran of the United States Air force.

Her love of photography began at a young age. In her 16 years experience as a photographer, both as a hobby and professionally, she has found Nikon cameras to be her favorite camera brand.

Erin turned her hobby into a freelance photography business which has gained her experience in music photography and travel photography in places such as England, Italy, Japan, and most recently the Grand Canyon and slot canyons of Arizona and Utah.

She hopes to visit Australia and New Zealand soon. 


Serendipity Coffee

 144 W. Fifth Avenue

Mount Dora, Florida

The photography show opening will be March 1st, 2019 (time to be announced)

The show will be displayed from March 1st, 2019 until May 31st, 2019

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About the Exhibit

Slot Canyons


Slot Canyons are a beautiful marvel that everyone should experience at least once. The formation of these canyons is a wondrous site. The canyons are formed from rushing rain waters entering an opening and eroding the ground away. There are two types of canyons. In one canyon the bottom is wider, and you can freely walk around, and the other is known as a corkscrew where the bottom is tight, some of the openings are no larger than a door frame. While these canyons are beautiful, there is only one problem. There is only one way out, and that is up. The surfaces of the canyon walls are smooth from the rushing rain waters, not allowing anything to form for gripping the surface for a quick escape. They are also subjected to flooding when the rainy season hits the area, instilling a greater sense of fear.

For a person with claustrophobia, this can cause a bit of a problem. Claustrophobia is defined as the fear of small spaces and having no way to escape, aka the fear of being trapped. 


 If you have claustrophobia, walking through these canyons will bring on a sense of dread. I suffer from claustrophobia, and my heart raced as I explored these wondrous marvels. Taking deep breaths as I made my way through helped me to continue. As you can see from the majority of these shots, I kept looking up toward the opening where the little slivers of light shined through the darkness. Knowing there was light and fresh air coming in, calmed my nerves a little bit. The camera lens made the openings seem even further away until I zoomed in on them. There were points when my chest tightened up, and I had a feeling of wanting to leave. The ladders provided by the touring company allowed us to climb to the top of the canyons, where I could see the wide open spaces awaiting us.