Photography & Artwork

       by Erin Bisanti

what you may find


I would like to think that I didn't choose photography, but instead it photography chose me. My love of photography has grown over the years and it is the one hobby that I can never give up for too long. I had the opportunity to visit Japan in 2017 and I took a few pictures... well more than a few. I was able to take a picture of an iconic shrine (as seen here) that I did an art appreciation project on years ago. It was one of those moments that was truly mind blowing to think about. 

Feel free to click on the photo to the left to view my gallery from Japan, Italy, and Costa Rica. (Grand Canyon coming in October 2018) 


Recently I have started to try and expand my art into painting with acrylics and watercolors. So far I have not created anything phenomenal, but I will post some of my favorites as they are created. 


In the MUSIC gallery you will find some of the talented musicians that I have had the privilege of capturing.

Concerts and live shows are one of my favorite places to be. Although the photos cannot express how much the moments mean to me, they are still fun to share with others. 

The promotional photography is always fun as well. The funny moments and events that happen at a shoot are never truly captured in the photos, but as I go through them I remember some really funny moments.

I hope you enjoy them.

Senza musica io sono niente.